ongoing & upcoming

DAVID BERGÉ: BIALETTI  a catalogue, Spector Books, 2023 

Time Based Editions, a new imprint directed by David Bergé and Ant Hampton

– A Walk in High Resolution, workshop for students at KASK
Gent (BE)

Installataion at Design Museum Gent, oct-nov 2023

Installation at Grassi Museum of Applied Arts, Leipzig, nov 2023 – feb 2024

Participation in art book fairs of Cairo, Berlin (Miss Read), and Athens

– “Two Voices Speak with One Camera, Who is Speaking?” duo exhibition curated by Mia Cuk with Katarina Soštić and David Bergé, Kulturni Centar Beograda, Belgrade, dec 10-jan 14
– participation in art book fairs of Cairo, Zürich, Berlin, Athens
– Berlin, Hopscotch Reading Room, dec 4
– Pivô Research, invited to artist residency program, São Paulo, Jan-April
-kyklà research trip, Serifos Island, Aegean Sea, April 
– Workshop at Hochschule fur Bildende Künste, Hamburg, May 

kyklà publishing organ in Athens, launching 2 new titles in the series:

Architectures of Healing and (Forced) Movement, Dec 2021
– Octagonal Orientations, research residency #3 at the Museum of Anthropocene Technology (MAT), Lago Maggiore, Italy, November 12-19
BRIDGE BATH CUT STOOF, Walk Piece commissioned by Croxhapox, Platform for Contemporary Art, Ghent, Oct 1, 7 and 8
An Almost Mathematical Adventure in Seefhoek, Walk Piece commissioned by  M HKA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp, framework The Image Generator, Sept 23, 24, 26
– invited speaker to Pedestric Radicals, symposium on walking as a form of art, curated by Doreen Bernath and Pei Yee Yong, organized by Architectural Association London, visiting school Budapest, july 17
The Conscious Effort Fort, installation for reading and writing in the proximity of others, at Zuiderpershuis, Antwerp, May 20-23
A Walk in High Resolution, Walk Piece commissioned by Out of Sight, a venue for contemporary art, Antwerp, curator: Dušica Dražić, May 15

– participation in performance Time, by David Lamelas, organised by Enna Bae and Sung Woo Kim, Seoul, Dec 31, 2020
– founding and direction of kyklà publishing initiative in Athens, a series of texts resonating with phenomena in the Aegean Archipelago, launching first 4 books in the series, December 2020
– A Walk in High Resolution, book published with Jap Sam Books, April
– Pivô Research, invited to artist residency program, São PauloMarch 10 – May 31st (interrupted by covid-19)
When the City becomes a Darkroom, presentation at LUCA arts school, Brussels, February 26

A Walk in High Resolution, solo exhibition at Out of Sight, a venue for contemporary art, Antwerp, curator: Dušica Dražić, Nov 23 – Dec 22

A Walk in High Resolution, Walk Piece commissioned by Netwerk Aalst, Nov 22
Octagonal Orientations, research residency #2 with light designer Pietu Pietiäinen at WP-zimmer, Antwerp, Sept 2-15
Octagonal Orientations, research residency #1 at the Museum of Anthropocene Technology (MAT), Varese, Italy, April 30 – May 8
-set design for a performance by Georgia Vardarou, London (Oct 23+24), Firenze (Nov 2), Leuven (Nov 26)
-artist intervention in Teresa Stoppani’s class ATOMIZED / RUIN(ATION) at Architectural Association, London, Oct 23

Summer Limited, duo-exhibition curated by Enna Bae, with Fay Shin and David Bergé at Amado art space, Seoul, Aug 21 – Sept 13
Infrastructure Experience, contribution to CARTHA magazine
What Remains Is Future, presentation at kunsthal Extra-City Antwerp, May 25 – June 3
The Bridge, Walk Piece commissioned by Thessaloniki State Museum of Contemporary Art, May 10-12
-presentation of A Distinct Effort at Archiv der Avantgarden, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden (SKD), curator Marcelo Rezende, Feb 27

-artist in residency at Saari Residence, Kone Foundation, Mynämäki, Nov+Dec
-artist in residency at Seoul Art Space Mullae, Seoul, Oct 19-29.
A Distinct Effort, installation at Z33 / Atelier Bouwmeester, Galerie Ravenstein, curator Laura Herman, Brussels, Sept 6-10
Showpony slideshow (2007) and Quartet for the End of Time
slideshow (2008), in collaboration with Trajal Harrell, in Trajal
Harrell: Hoochie Koochie, a performance exhibition at The Barbican,
London, July 20 – August 13.
-co-author of the collectively written novel The Griefers of Bandung, published by The Dutch Art Institute (DAI).
Practicing photography without taking pictures, 2 year research in the framework of the Dutch Art Institute, curated by Gabriëlle Schleijpen and tutored by Sarah Pierce, Rebecca Sakoun, Tirdad Zolghadr, Ruth Noack and Rachel O’Reilly, in Arnhem, Eindhoven, Jakarta, Mechelen and Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, 2015-2017.
-invited to The Harbor artist residency program at Beta-Local, curators:
Sofía Gallisá Muriente and Nibia Pastrana Santiago, San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 3-28
online platform ‘exploring the edges of Belgian contemporary
photography through a curated selection of essays and artists portraits’, with essay by Steven Humblet.
What Remains Is Future, installation and a book by David Bergé at STUK arts center Leuven, April 18-23
-artist residency at Studio Katleen Vinck, Antwerp, Feb 5-10
-artist meeting at Platform 0090, Antwerp, Jan 13

-artist talk in Book Keeping, a shared evening with Ilan Manouach, Circuits & Currents, Athens, Dec 1
-research trip Legacies of industrial ruination, with Luisa Piart, Institue for social anthropology, Bern University, Istanbul, Oct 28 – Nov 6
-artist residency at STUK arts center, Leuven, Oct 17-21
-artist residency at Extra-City, Antwerp, Sept 12-16
Tbilisi Walk, presented as part of group exhibition 8×8 The Future that Never Happened, one Walk Piece a day between July 20-30, Tbilisi.
-responding to Ilan Manouach’s book HARVESTED, Atopos, Athens, June 22
-presentation in group show Songs for a Deaf Ox, curated by Dai Xiyun, 27 Kortestraat, Arnhem, June 3 + 4
-presentation of FRAGILE CITY curated by Rachel Valinsky at Wendy’s Subway, New York, May 4
-artist residency at GeoAIR, Tbilisi, April 1-28
-artist talk at CCA (Center for Contemporary Art) Tbilisi, April 21
-artist talk and co-teaching with prof. Teresa Stoppani at School of
Art, Architecture and Design, Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, March
-lecture presentation in group exhibition The Image Generator, curated by Meryem Bayram and Mesut Arslan at Extra-City Antwerp, Feb 5-7
-re-staging of AalstWalk (2012), invitation only, Feb 5

-research trip through Sri Lanka, Geoffrey Bawa, Dec 20-31
-invited artist / guest faculty at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore, Nov 26 – Dec 19
-artist talk at National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore, Dec 11
-presentation FRAGILE CITY at NETWERK center for contemporary art, Aalst (BE). 
FRAGILE CITY, published by MER. Paper Kunsthalle. book launch guests: Teresa Stoppani and Alexis Destoop.
-site visit Amado Art Space, curator Enna Bae Seoul.

-artist residency and presentation at Contemporary Art Center (CAC), Vilnius.

-invited artist to Salon Suisse, Pro Helvetia, Venice.
-research trip to Seoul and Haeinsa temple, South-Korea.
-The Cape Cod Loop, installation presented at group exhibition The Image Generator at Extra-City, Antwerp.

The Voyage Piece, installation hosted by Etablissement d’en
face and Recyclart, in situ presentation at Gare Bruxelles Congres, Brussels.
-artist residency at Cape Cod Modern House Trust, Wellfleet, USA.
-Prototype Walk Brussels, Walk Piece in silence presented in group exhibition Maison Particulière, curator Marie-Pascale Gildemyn.
-contribution to artist book by Filip Van Dingenen, Brussels.
-study trip to Mount Athos.
-artist talk for students prof. Johan Lagae at Ghent University. 
-artist talk for students Aglaia Konrad at Sint Lukas art school, Brussels

-invited artist to MONSOON, platform for exchange between Indian and European artists, hosted by BOZAR, Brussels.
Le Corbusier’s Voyage re-ORIENT-ed 1911:2011 installation co-authored with Elke Krasny, presented at Kulturni Centar Beograda, curator: Mia David, Belgrade. 
Le Corbusier’s Voyage re-ORIENT-ed 1911:2011 installation co-authored with Elke Krasny presented at Artefact festival curated by Pieter-Paul Mortier, STUK arts center, Leuven. 
-performer in Trajal Harrell’s Used, Abused, and Hung Out to Dry, MoMA, New York.

Le Corbusier’s Voyage re-ORIENT-ed 1911:2011, installation co-authored with Elke Krasny presented at Kunsthaus Muerz, Muerzzuschlag (AT). 
The Ambien Piece, performance co-authored with Trajal Harrell, Gallery Objective Correlative, Tokyo.

Morishita Walk, Walk Piece in silence presented at The Body Arts Laboratory, Tokyo.
-installations PeopleScapes#1 and PeopleScapes# 2, and Walk Piece in silence AalstWalkcommissioned by Paul Lagring and presented in group exhibition at NETWERK, Center for Contemporary Art, Aalst (BE).

– co-hosting of research lab at TanzQuartier Vienna with Elke Krasny, Pelin Derviş, Tülay Atak, Geert Goiris.

-lecture performance invited by Meric Öner, presented at SALT, Istanbul.
against the interdisciplinary, teaching of workshop Sarma / Workspace Brussels.
Tourists, hosting of evening at Wohnung Miryam van Doren, artist run space, Vienna. Jack Hauser, Satu Herrala.
-travel stipend Goethe Institution New Delhi, Bangalore.
-artist residency with Sujata Goel, Adishakti Center, Pondicherry.


-Vienna Footnotes, Walk Piece in silence commissioned by curator Sandra Noeth and presented at TanzQuartier Wien, Vienna.


-NOTED APPEARANCE, performance installation, commissioned by Paul Lagring and presented at NETWERK Center for contemporary Art, Aalst (BE).

-photographer in residence at In Transit festival, invited by curator André Lepecki, Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW), Berlin.

-set design and projection for EXTRACTION, choreographic work by Marc Vanrunxt, presented at Kaaitheater Brussels.

-slideshow for Quartet for the End of Time, choreographic work by Trajal Harrell, presented at Dance Theater Workshop, New York City.

-Zicht op Zee // Seasight, first Walk Piece in silence with audience, presented by curator Kathleen Van Langendonck.