/walk piece, ghent, 2021

The physical center point of BRIDGE BATH CUT STOOF could be the Muinkschelde and Leie, the place where two canals merge. As a point in the city where water has flowed in strong force for several centuries, it is a convergence site for the experience and witness of multiple important forms of social, cultural, and industrial life. The Walk Piece forms a re-inhabitation of these historical layers, and an awareness of what current functions take place here: which are newer, like privatization of public life and space, or older, such as trade and prostitution. The Walk Piece also focuses on the storied Medieval bathhouses (stoven, stoof) that depending on running water, set themselves along this point-places where multiple habits and vices took place at once: bathing, sex, eating, dancing, among publics; and tries to glean these some connection against an increasingly quantified city life, made even more so in regiments pandemic governance. Inhabiting several pasts makes it possible to understand that the present is never intractable.


5 Walk Pieces by David Bergé
commissioned by Anyuta Wiazemsky Snauwaert
at Croxhapox, artist run space, Ghent
oct 6, at 4:15 PM, oct 7 and 8 at 7:45 AM and 4:15 PM

conversation Rachael Rakes and David Bergé,
Ermoupolis, September 2021.

Gizem Karaosmanoglu, Rachael Rakes, Luiz Pizarro, Helen Saelman,
Geert Dekleermaecker, Gert Temmerman, Serafien Hulpiau,
Hendrik Defoort, Ghent University Library, and Provinciehuis.

Bram Callaert (pictures), Rachael Rakes (text)