Le Trou (구멍)

/installation, seoul, 2018

As a consequence of the rapid urbanization of Seoul -after the Japanese colonialisation (1910-1945) followed by the Korean Civil War (1950-53) and devision of the country-several small housing units often got grouped together into larger entities, where the former access way would become the main corridor. Moving from urbanization into accelerated gentrification, Amado Art Space is today such a building. Amado Art Space, located in the Itaewon neighborhood is just across the street from the Comme des Garçons store. There, at the invitation of curator Enna Bae I created Le Trou (구멍), an installation in which I made a street within the space: I dismantled all the infrastructures for exhibitions (space dividing panels, doors and windows), equally lit the bare structure of the space, and brought in materials associated with the asphalt and junctures of urban paths. In this work, by bringing back the street into the building, I formally created a space – which was already there. A street for a Walk Piece to pass through.

Le Trou, start of Walk Piece at Amado Art Space, Seoul, 84 min


Le Trou (구멍), 2018
installation and walk piece by David Bergé
commissioned by curator Enna Bae
at Amado Art Space, Seoul
2018, aug 22 – sept 13
with the support of Korean Arts Council, Amado Art Space, Platform 0090