The Voyage Piece

/installation, brussels, 2014

The Voyage Piece is a spatial installation which displays photos taken by August Klipstein and Charles-Édouard Jeanneret (the future Le Corbusier) throughout their ‘Voyage d’Orient’ in 1911. The piece introduces a sequence in the totality of the archive. The images are projected in silence over three life-size, synchronized loops, accentuating the temporal and spatial relations in and between the photographs. The enlarged images reveal what underlies the seeingly mere documentation of a journey through the East: the privilege of travel and exploration, but also the appropriation of the territory for self-understanding – an avant-garde approach to the relationship between the body and the environment that prefigures Le Corbusier’s concept of ineffable space.

The Voyage Piece, 2014
installation by David Bergé
synchronized 3-screen digital projection, 21 min, looped
presented at Brussels Congres Railway Station
with the support of Recyclart, Etablissement d’en Face, the Flemish Authorities, and Foundation Le Corbusier
acknowledgements Gaia Carabillo, Stephane Damsin, Federico De Matteis, and Fondation Le Corbusier

further presentation (2015) at Contemporary Art Center (CAC), Vilnius